Solar Cleaning & Maintenance




Increase Solar Panel Efficiency Up To 30%

A solar panel consists of solar cells covered by a protective glass, and just like a car wind shield therefore the longer it’s outside the more likely it will get dirty and need to be cleaned.

The time betweens cleans will depend on where panels are positioned, style of house and the environment and wildlife around the property’s location.

Air pollution, traffic pollution, mould, salt, tree sap/leaves and even bird and bat droppings contribute to preventing you solar panels from operating at maximum capacity. Failure to clean your panels can reduce their efficiency by up to 30%. This is where we come in.


We offer a full service of your solar system for just $250.00 inc GST which includes:

– Checking all panels/mounts/structure

– Check inverter functions

– Check voltages and current

– Check all electrical connections

– Check all cabling in roof/under house

– Thermal imaging scan – Hot spot check

– Full clean of all panels (chemical free)


We also offer thermal imaging scanning and full clean of all panels separate items for a cheaper option. Please contact us today for a quote.